Happy New Year! It’s the best time to start over fresh and try something new. Here are some ideas to get you going!

Get a trim. Are you long overdue for a new do? Lose some inches with a new haircut. I’m not saying to go all Karlie Kross, unless you’re feeling risky! But cut in some layers or something and get this new year started!

Get a Trim

Make a vow. Vow to moisturize, vow to stop biting your nails, vow to take vitamins. Make a vow to improve yourself this year!


Try something new. Dare to shape your nails into long talons or take the plunge and get a Brazilian! Shake up your beauty routine and try something new. Remember if you don’t dig your new nails, you could always file them down.


Clean your brushes. Why lug around the dirty little secrets from last year? Turn a new leaf and wash away last year’s grime. While you’re at it toss those old mascara tubes you’ve been collecting and those old sharpened down eye pencils.


Find a new signature scent. When was the last time you went perfume shopping? Or maybe you got a new set for Christmas. Try them out and see if anything speaks to you. Too scared to stray away from your fav, look up other fragrances that are in the same family and see if you like them.

Chanel Perfume

 Happy 2014! Go kill it ladies!


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