Hi Everyone! My name is Daniella – I’m a beauty product aficionado and a Bobbi Brown certified makeup artist. My love affair with makeup began at a young age. I remember playing with my mother’s liquid eyeliner – and that was the day I made my first perfect line! I thought to myself Hmmm I don’t think that was supposed to be easy! From then on I was hooked!

I also love skincare products. I find myself constantly searching for the next best thing and I have a deep interest in skincare product ingredients. In another life I would have been a cosmetic chemist – searching the Amazon for ingredients and creating new beauty breakthroughs!

Another obsession I have is with Hello Kitty. I’m a huge fan with a huge collection! So occasionally I may review some of their cosmetic products. My favorite cosmetic lines include: Bobbi Brown, MAC, Tarte, and Urban Decay just to name a few.

*Former Allure and Fitness magazine beauty intern*

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The Beauty Edge was created to provide readers with cosmetic and skin care product reviews. This blog also features beauty tips and tricks, ranging from homemade natural products to drugstore finds as well as premium products.

As a member of iFabbo, HC Blogger Network, and Blog Catalog – The Beauty Edge strives to feature new and current content as well as the best product reviews and giveaways.

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Photography by Erika G.

I hope you enjoy all that I have to offer! xoxo

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