This by far my favorite must have. Say adios to those dreadful dark and droopy under eye circles, Bobbi Brown corrector and concealer work together to give you an instant eye lift without the pain and cost of a real one. It is super creamy and easy to blend. It lasts all day, but at midday I know that I have to blend it because sometimes it tends to crease.

A flawless under eye can be achieved in two easy steps. First apply the corrector with a concealer brush. The corrector works as its name suggests, it color corrects the dark uneven pigment below your eye. The creamy corrector cuts out the gray and/or purplish skin tone you may have under your eye. It’s typically much brighter than your natural skin color and it works almost like tattoo cover up, but it is not as heavy.

Next the concealer is applied on top. Its job is to blend the corrector and bring the area back to a natural color. Once blended, use a fluffy brush and powder to set.

Quick Tip – Before I apply the corrector I like to apply eye cream and then some primer. The eye cream adds moisture and the primer prevents the concealer from creasing.

Bobbi Brown Corrector $22

Bobbi Brown Creamy Concealer Kit $32


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