Clear is a new brand of hair care products that you can buy at mass retailers like Target and Walmart. Their hair care philosophy is “beautiful hair starts at the scalp.” Clear shampoos and conditioners gently cleans and nourishes scalp and hair. It’s formulated with Nutrium 10, a blend of nutrients and vitamins.

I decided to try Clear’s 7 day Starter System which includes 2 Total Care nourishing shampoos and 1 Total Care nourishing conditioner. The Total Care line is suitable for all hair types.

I have mixed feelings about this product. First and for most, I wish it didn’t contain sulfates. Sulfates are added to shampoos to boost the detergents and create more of a foamy lather. They are not necessary and can be really harsh on your hair. I have used sulfate free shampoos for over 4 years now and apparently my hair has gotten used it. After shampooing my hair felt pretty normal. I remember once I tried out an apple scented Bedhead shampoo that left my hair feeling like hay! Luckily the Clear shampoo didn’t do that. The shampoo has a great scent and has a creamy white texture, not runny at all. I made sure to really work it into my scalp, in hopes that it might remove product residue that might get left behind.

The conditioner was also nice. It’s really thick and moisturizes well. It’s an average conditioner that gets the job done.

After my hair was fully air-dried, I noticed that I had more volume than usual. My hair also felt a bit drier than usual, but I must say that in addition to my regular conditioner, I also use a deep conditioner by Renpure. I leave it in for about 3 minutes before rinsing. I didn’t use it this time around because I didn’t want it to affect my review.

Two days and one workout later, I have noticed that my roots are not as oily as they usually are. This is a plus because my roots get oily really quickly.

Clear Scalp & Hair Beauty Therapy $4.99

Clear’s 7 day Starter System available at Target for $3.99


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