Comodynes Easy Peeling New Face Effect is an exfoliating towelette that removes dead skin cells and unclogs your pores. This towelette is like sandpaper for your face! It has a smooth side and an exfoliating side that has microsphere scrubbers. First I used the smooth side to remove any traces of makeup, then I flipped over to the exfoliation side for a deep cleaning. It was kind of rough in the beginning, so I took it easy and used a small circular motion technique. Once my skin got used to it, I began to scrub a little bit harder. The towelette offers both mechanical exfoliation and biological exfoliation because it is formulated with active natural ingredients. It’s formulated with acids such as benzoic acid which is an antiseptic. After my first use, my skin felt soft and smooth. Comodynes recommends using their exfoliating towelette before using their self-tanning towelettes.

Comodynes Easy Peeling New Face Effect New Face Towelettes $12.99 8pk.


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