Ahh beautiful flawless skin, we all dream of it – don’t we? We spend tons of time and money trying to get that perfect pore-less complexion. But sometimes, even with the best fool-proof regime; we still get that occasional breakout. Skin is unpredictable, and largely non-cooperative, and when it’s good it’s great but when it’s not? You dread leaving the house! And we always seem to get the worst pimple ever when we have important things to do – like an interview or the first day of school!

So I’m super excited that the writers behind the new eBook ACNE: A comprehensive guide on identifying, treating and generally showing blemishes who the boss is saw this blog, and recognized that my readers – you  – are exactly the kind of women who understand what it is to not only look their best, but also feel their best.

The writers asked me to ask you to get involved. They are working with the doctors from Court House Clinics to assemble a free online eBook that covers the biology behind why we get spots and acne, how to control it, things we think we know about skin but might have actually gotten wrong, and  – this is why I want to get involved – how to feel good about the skin you’ve got.

So, what do you want to know about skin? Maybe:

What’s the difference between a spot and acne?

Does eating chocolate really make you break out?

I get acne on my shoulders and chest, how can I fix it?

I’ve always had perfect skin, but then I got pregnant. What happened?

Whatever your thoughts, questions, or ideas, stick ‘em in the comments box (or email me directly) and I’ll send them over to the writers, who will ask the experts, who will give intelligent answers and help everybody involved (yay free advice!) Once the ebook comes out, I’ll have a bunch of copies to give out (yay freebies!)

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10 Comments to “Got Acne Questions? We Can Help!”

  • What’s the difference between black heads and white head pimples?

  • Why do I only breakout on my forehead?

  • Why don’t doctors know Acne is just a Rash caused by a Allergic Reaction?

  • Why do I get break-outs on my chest?

  • What is the best solution for treating acne?

  • I have tried exfoliating washes and regular cleansing wash (Neutrogena Grapefruit cleanser) and haven’t noticed much of an improvement in some acne that has developed on the right side of my jaw line. I wash my face twice a day. Moisturize twice a day. What can be done to improve the condition of my skin?

  • Is it true that consumption of certain foods causes breakouts?

  • Does oily skin make my acne worse?

  • How do i get rid off my acne scars and make my pores less noticable?

  • […] the Acne ebook from Courthouse Clinics. Remember when I asked you guys to give me all your juicy acne questions? Thank you so much for sharing your questions with myself and the writers of ACNE: a comprehensive […]

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