This week I decided to pick up a can of Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs in Tan Glow because my legs were covered in mosquito bites. Mosquitoes love my blood, and in less than 30 minutes, one mosquito single-handedly  bit me 10 times! It somehow got in the house and launched its sneak attack! Needless to say I didn’t feel a thing until the bites started itching. Oh and did I mention I’m allergic! My bites swell up and get as large a quarter! Seriously, if it wasn’t for our precious Eco-system, I would riot Death to all Mosquitoes!

So I needed “foundation” to cover up my “zits”, because my legs looked terrible. Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs comes in an aerosol can. You simply spray it on your hands and rub it into your legs. It gives your legs streak free coverage. I applied a light layer all over my legs, then I went back in and sprayed the larger mosquito bites with some more. I blended away the excess product and I had the urge to set it with powder, typical makeup girl!

The spots didn’t completely vanish, but it did help camouflage them enough so they weren’t that noticeable. My legs looked even-toned and pretty. I had on a black skirt that day and I must say that my airbrushed legs helped polish my look. Before applying, I made sure I had an even skin surface by shaving and exfoliating. I also applied lotion to my legs about an hour before spraying them. The color was also a perfect match for me and bended away easily. It’s also great for covering up varicose veins, skin discolorations and enlarged pores. I’m glad I tried it.

Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs $14.99


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