Skinny Girl Detox Face Mask


Skinny Girl Vitamin C Face Scrub

Vitamin C Face Scrub with Shea Butter and Cranberry

This sugar scrub is not bad. It’s pretty heavy-duty, so women with sensitive skin beware. It starts off really rough and then eventually melts down into its grapeseed and safflower oils. The scrub smells like cranberries and it actually has cranberry seeds in it. After using it as directed, my skin felt very smooth and supple. It’s a decent exfoliator, I would recommend to those with dry/normal skin.

Detox Face Mask with Cucumber & Sweet Almond Oil

Not a fan of this face mask. It is much thinner than other face masks. It does not compare to DDF Sulfur Therapeutic Mask. After using the Vitamin C Face Scrub, I applied this mask to my entire face and neck. It is so thin, that it looks like you have nothing on. Again, this is not for sensitive skin. I felt a burning, tingling sensation for the first few minutes. It was pretty intense but I was able to deal with it. I kept it one for 5 min and then I rinsed it off. I did not like the way my skin felt after rinsing it off. It felt like I still had the product on my face, it was probably the residue from the oils. I had to use a cleanse to get it off. Terrible.

Energizing Lip Shine with Caffeine & Peppermint

Nothing special here. The gloss isn’t very sticky and it’s flavored with peppermint.

Final Thoughts: The Skinny Girl Face Solutions Kit is too strong like their drinks.

Find it at Walmart $14.97


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  • I agree! I got this and was burning within seconds! Their peppermint foot spray is nice though.

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