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Redken Extreme promises to strengthen your hair from the inside and out so you can have strong hair that can withstand anything. It’s been reformulated with Redken’s exclusive Interlock Protein Network – it helps deliver protein to the core of your hair and Fortifying Complex which rebuilds your hair’s outer layer. Cermide has also been included to help repair extensive damage.

Redken Extreme Shampoo – It’s a creamy white shampoo with a gentle lather. It doesn’t leave your hair dry and brittle like some shampoos. If you have oily roots, I would suggest you not use this shampoo. Stick to a clear shampoo to reduce oiliness. This is perfect for those with extremely dry hair or ultra blonde dyed hair.

Redken Extreme Conditioner – This is a nice cream conditioner. It helps restore strength and helps detangle hair. Hair feels softer and more manageable after using it.

Redken Extreme Strength Builder Plus – This deep conditioning mask is loaded with cermide to help repair severely damaged hair. It’s a thick light blue cream that kind of smells like children’s fruity toothpaste (Weird, I know!) All smells aside, my hair felt wonderful after using it.My hair looked healthier and shinier. My ends even look better too. I know that some people are disappointed that Extreme Deep Fuel was replaced by this. I never got a chance to use Extreme Deep Fuel, so I can’t say if this is better or worse – but what I can say is that I like it.

(photo courtesy of Redken)

GLOSS Moderne High-Gloss Masque is a hair mask that replenishes moisture and gives you ample shine. It’s a thick white cream that’s sulfate-free, sodium chloride-free, and paraben-free. It smells like coconut candy, the signature Coco de Soleil fragrance is mix of coconut, almond, and rum. Just massage into shampooed hair and leave it in for at least 5 minutes. Can be used daily or weekly.

I wasn’t too impressed with this hair mask. The product felt good in my hair and smelled wonderful, but I didn’t really notice a difference in my hair. I love products that contain coconut and almond, they are both great natural moisturizers. I’m sure the rum is added for an extra boost of shine; my mom has been making a homemade mask recipe that contains rum for years now and she swears by it. That recipe will soon be added to the Nature’s Best section!

What do you think? I had to do a tight crop because I need a serious haircut!

Bottom line, it’s a good product. It feels and smells luxurious. My hair felt softer after using it, but not much shinier. I guess it takes a lot to wow me nowadays!

GLOSS Moderne High-Gloss Masque 4 oz. $39


Redken’s Smooth Down Butter Treat works wonders for my hair. I have dry color treated hair. Mostly my ends are dry and my roots get oily rather quickly. I have used this product for over 4 years now and I keep coming back.

It is an ionic smoothing treatment that provides your hair with nourishment and helps you tame wild frizz. This means that it contains ions to help neutralize damaged hair. Damaged hair has an electic charge and these ions help stabilize hair follicles.

The Ionic Smoothing Complex is formulated with:

> Macadamia Oil to help nourish hair
> Candelilla Wax to help smooth hair
> Cationic Refiners to help fight frizz

This rinse out treatment gives your hair deep moisturization in as little as 5 minutes. Redken recommends you apply it to towel-dried hair after shampooing Comb it through hair and leave on for 5 to 15 minutes. Rinse out.

I prefer to use this as a replacement for my conditioner and I leave it in for about 10 mins. On anticipated bad hair days, I like to use it as a leave-in. I apply a small amount to my hair after I detangle it.

It comes in a 8.5 oz. bottle and you can find it at salons or at $14 – $17 depending where you go.

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