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Cos Bar at Target launched this past Sunday, and I decided to stop by and pick up some items to try. I got three nail polishes in purple, lime green, and copper, and the orange citrus body scrub.

The purple nail polish looks great inside the bottle, but it takes three coats to achieve that color. The formula is very thin and runny. The first coat is barely visible and streaky. You have to make sure to apply the second coat evenly, so you don’t end up with a blotchy disaster.

This polish is a light bright purple with a super glassy shine. The color is pretty, but the formula is so-so.  I guess it’s an okay nail polish for the price.

Available online and in stores. Target $3

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Here is the full Essie Poppy Razzi Collection. All the colors are creamy neon brights. You can read my review for Essie Lights here.

Essie Camera is a bright neon coral pink

Essie Action is a bright neon yellowish-orange

Essie Bazooka is a bright neon orange

I love how all the colors in this collection compliment each other; but these polishes look dull without a top coat, so make sure to apply one to achieve the ultimate neon trend. Essie Bazooka is also very similar to Essie Orange, It’s Obvious. All in all, it’s a fun collection!

Essie’s Sure Shot is a dark iridescent magenta nail polish. The color is very deep and is closer to the purple family than the pink. The formula is very runny and it definitely requires a double coat. I found it hard to work with this nail polish. I also thought it would be nice to compare Sure Shot to another magenta color from Essie, Super Bossa Nova. This polish was included in last summer’s Color Me Braziliant collection. Super Bossa Nova it a bright magenta and very similar to Tour de Finance (swatch review), I like both these colors better than Sure Shot.

With Easter coming up this Sunday, I decided to get an Easter Egg inspired manicure. Originally I wanted to use Essie’s she’s picture perfect as my base color (it’s a nice lilac), but unfortunately my nail salon did not have that color. After a few other choices  I finally picked China Glaze’s IV, a color from their X Collection. This polish is a creamy coral pink, it doesn’t have much shine and I’ll admit I’m not a big fan. I guess I’m upset I didn’t get the color I wanted.  I thought about using Essie’s to buy or not to buy, but the lavender was too pale.

My nail tech, Blanca created the cute little Easter Egg design for me. She did it free hand and used nail art polish in yellow, purple and mint green. The design is what saved the manicure for me. I can’t wait until next week so I can finally use my Essie sure shot! Stay tuned for that review next week! Happy Easter Everyone!


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