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Essie Olé Caliente  is a red-orange with a hint of pink mixed in. The picture above appears more orange that what the color really is. I added a photo below taken with a flash, I feel that this photo is a better example of what the color looks like. There is more red in it. The formula is a creamy one, so it is an easier polish to apply.  This is yet another color from Essie that fits in well with the tangerine tango trend. This shade is also like Essie Geranium because of the added red color.

What a difference the flash makes!

Essie Olé Caliente $8

Here is the full Essie Poppy Razzi Collection. All the colors are creamy neon brights. You can read my review for Essie Lights here.

Essie Camera is a bright neon coral pink

Essie Action is a bright neon yellowish-orange

Essie Bazooka is a bright neon orange

I love how all the colors in this collection compliment each other; but these polishes look dull without a top coat, so make sure to apply one to achieve the ultimate neon trend. Essie Bazooka is also very similar to Essie Orange, It’s Obvious. All in all, it’s a fun collection!

We all know Sephora is a mega beauty store! But who is Pantone? Pantone is the leading global authority on color! They engineer color technology for all industries: think interior paints, fabrics, and graphics.  So this partnership is very exciting for the beauty world. Think of all the beautiful color creations that can be made!

According to Pantone, the color of the year is Tangerine Tango. It’s a deep shade of orange with some red mixed in. This spring we will probably see this shade everywhere. Bold lips are also a trend for spring 2012, so why not create your bold lip with Tangerine Tango! Personally, I can’t wait to get my Tangerine Tango manicure!

The new Sephora + Pantone Universe line is currently offering a limited edition collection that features all sorts of products, a brush set, lip glosses, nail polishes and more. Sephora has also carried over the color inspiration into the Sephora collection.

Now does the thought of wearing a bright bold orange-red color scare you? Have no fear! The Sephora website added a bunch of cool features to help you wear this trend.

The Sephora + Pantone Shade finder helps you find your perfect shades. Just select you skin tone, eye color and other attributes and it generates options for you to choose from.

They have also created beautiful style palettes inspired by color fan decks you find at paint stores to help you get the look.

Essie Tour de Finance – Spring 2012 Collection
I just could not wait to review this gorgeous color! My nails are not even completely dry yet and I absolutely adore this polish color!
Tour de Finance by Essie is a super glossy cool magenta pink. It is slightly iridescent and very shiny. It’s perfect for spring. This color is similar to Essie’s Super Bossa Nova which launched last summer, but it’s a bit lighter.

Update: My manicure lasted almost a full week and the high gloss shine was still visible on day three. All in all, I think I will definitely go back to this color again through out the spring and summer!


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