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I was feeling a bit nail venturous this past weekend and decided to get an over the top manicure. A manicure design from Nails by Kayla Shevonne was just what I needed! This color block manicure requires 5 different shades of nail color. I chose the following polishes; Color Club All Over Pink, China Glaze Celtic Sun, Essie Status Symbol, Essie Bazooka, and dark blue nail art polish.

My amazing nail tech, started off my stenciling out the sections with black nail art polish after applying a base coat to my nails. She then filled in each section with each different color. At one point we joked with each other because it felt like she was “painting by numbers”.

I love this manicure, it’s so bright and colorful. It features color blocking with a trendy mix of colors. It has the popular summer combo of pink and orange and the up and coming fall shade of deep blue. It reminds me of stained glass, I hope this mani lasts a whole week!

The latest from COVERGIRL is their new Blast Flipstick Lipcolor. It’s a double sided lipstick with a shimmer side and a cream side. The dual shades blend easily to create your own unique look. You can also wear each shade individually.

The cream shade in Stunner is a red-orange color. The shimmer shade is a metallic gold with flecks of glitter. The cream shade felt a bit dry, but the shimmer shade glided on smoothly. I love the idea of blending two shades together for a multidimensional look, but I think the formula has room for improvement. I also reviewed the Flipstick in Perky and I prefer that shade combo.

COVERGIRL Blast Flipstick Lipcolor $7.99


Tangerine Crush is a creamy salmon pink. The first coat goes on streaky and you have to work at it for an even second coat. L’Oréal claims this polish can last up to ten days with no chips. So far it’s been seven days and I have no chips. It’s a good nail polish, but I still prefer Essie!

L’Oréal Colour Riche $5.99

Bobbi Brown Sheer Lip Gloss in Citrus is a sheer neon orange. It’s a new shade that came out this spring. It’s bright orange in the tube, but goes on shiny and sheer. I enjoy wearing it alone and it also looks great over lipstick. My favorite combo is Citrus over Coral Pink Creamy Lip Color. The Citrus really plays up the coral color in Coral Pink making my lips look brighter. The applicator is nice and glides smoothly on my lips, this gloss has a light minty scent to it. I would have preferred a citrus scent to match its name, but that’s okay.

Bobbi Brown Sheer Lip Gloss 7 ml /.24 fl. oz $23.00
Citrus over Coral Pink

Essie Olé Caliente  is a red-orange with a hint of pink mixed in. The picture above appears more orange that what the color really is. I added a photo below taken with a flash, I feel that this photo is a better example of what the color looks like. There is more red in it. The formula is a creamy one, so it is an easier polish to apply.  This is yet another color from Essie that fits in well with the tangerine tango trend. This shade is also like Essie Geranium because of the added red color.

What a difference the flash makes!

Essie Olé Caliente $8

Cos Bar at Target Copper Polish

This one I love! The color is very pretty and the formula is great. It’s bold with just one coat, but of course I applied two. Copper is a perfect color to go with the Tangerine Tango trend. It is a burnt orange color, with a shiny finish.
Great polish for the price!

Available online and in stores. Target $3


Cos Bar at Target Purple Polish

Cos Bar at Target Lime Green Polish Swatch + Review

This is my take on the Tangerine Tango Look. The teal color adds vibrancy and the mix of tangerine shades helps blend everything together.

I created this look using colors from NYX  Box of Eye Shadows and Sephora Makeup Palette.

Step 1: Prep your eyes with eye cream, then apply a primer onto your lids and under eye area.

Step 2: Apply Shade 1 to your browbone. Next apply Shade 2 by gently tapping the product onto your lid. Now apply Shade 3 to your crease. Concentrate the color at the outer corner of your eye and sweep the color in towards your nose. Blend in Shade 4 starting from the inner corner towards the center of your crease.

Step 3: Liner your eye with a black liquid or gel liner. I used Loreal Felt Tip Liner. Next line the first half of your lower lashes with Shade 2.  Finally line your lower lashes with Shade 5 from the center of your eye and bringing it under your eyeliner wing.  Blend and reapply color to your browbone  if needed. Finish with Mascara.

Essie nail polish orange, it’s obvious – Spring 2012 Collection

I wanted to try the Tangerine Tango trend on my nails today, so I decided to give orange, it’s obvious a try. It is a bold bright orange color. It’s a creamy formula which makes it easier to apply. This color also reminds me of Essie – Braziliant without the shimmer.

I also added a small twist to my mani, I applied Essie – geranium to my ring finger. Geranium is an award winning red-orange color. It was featured in Instlye Magazine as one of the most versatile colors you can get away with wearing all year round. It’s also a creamy formula.

Update: The shine lasted up to 3 days and my manicure was chip free for 5 days.

We all know Sephora is a mega beauty store! But who is Pantone? Pantone is the leading global authority on color! They engineer color technology for all industries: think interior paints, fabrics, and graphics.  So this partnership is very exciting for the beauty world. Think of all the beautiful color creations that can be made!

According to Pantone, the color of the year is Tangerine Tango. It’s a deep shade of orange with some red mixed in. This spring we will probably see this shade everywhere. Bold lips are also a trend for spring 2012, so why not create your bold lip with Tangerine Tango! Personally, I can’t wait to get my Tangerine Tango manicure!

The new Sephora + Pantone Universe line is currently offering a limited edition collection that features all sorts of products, a brush set, lip glosses, nail polishes and more. Sephora has also carried over the color inspiration into the Sephora collection.

Now does the thought of wearing a bright bold orange-red color scare you? Have no fear! The Sephora website added a bunch of cool features to help you wear this trend.

The Sephora + Pantone Shade finder helps you find your perfect shades. Just select you skin tone, eye color and other attributes and it generates options for you to choose from.

They have also created beautiful style palettes inspired by color fan decks you find at paint stores to help you get the look.

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