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Winter Skincare

Pump Up Your Moisturizer

Once the temps start falling, you should choose moisturizers that are thicker than your daily body lotion or face cream. Swap your lotion for a body butter and swap your moisturizer for a creamier one. Look for added ingredients like alpha hydroxy acid (AHA) and urea – both are humectants that pull moisture from the air into your skin.

Don’t stop your summertime habits

Water intake and sunscreen use decreases during the winter for most. Drinking plenty of water helps your skin stay hydrated and wearing sunscreen year round helps protect you from the sun. The UV rays that bounce off of snow are just as damaging as summer rays.

Go easy on the hand sanitizer

Using hand sanitizers too often can strip the moisture from your hands. Instead of using the communal hand sanitizer at the office, you should bring your own.  Look for one that doesn’t contain alcohol and always apply hand cream afterwards.

Get a humidifier

Home heating systems can really dry out your skin. Humidifiers are great because they add moisture to the air. They’re fairly inexpensive and since humidifiers help decongest your sinuses; it can also help reduce under eye puffiness.

Always carry a lip balm

The cold wind is one of lip’s biggest enemies. It dries out lips and habits like licking your lips only makes matters worse. Use a lip balm made with beeswax to create a barrier to protect your lips from the harsh weather. You can also apply some on dry cuticles and chapped noses.

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Essie Repstyle

Repstyle is Essie’s first magnetic nail polish collection. I like the snakeskin twist Essie went with for this collection. The included magnet leaves a snakeskin pattern on your nails.  I am not particularly a fan of magnetic nail polish – it leaves an awesome effect, but it’s difficult to work with. Here are the shades I tried:

Essie Repstyle Swatch

Repstyle – a hypnotic dessert bronze. It’s a beautiful color even without the magnetic effect.

 Essie Snake Rattle Roll and Essie Snake it Up

Snake Rattle & Roll – a venomous oxidized silver. It’s that perfect gunmetal hue very biker chic.

Snake it Up – a pewter pavé python. A nice blue shade that compliments the collection.

Side note: I loved the colabo Essie did with BaubleBar so much that I came up with my own bracelet/polish pairing! Essie Repstyle matches perfectly with Lia Sophia’s Captured stretch bracelet. FYI BaubleBar is having a year-end sale and all the items from the BableBar + Essie collection is on sale!


(Photo courtesy of Essie)

Essie’s latest collection is all about living the good life! With shades of blue, red, and sparkly glitter – it’s royalty at its best. It’s for the woman who enjoys the finer things in life because of her achievements and success, not because she married rich! Look posh this winter with Essie polishes.

Essie She’s Pampered is an indulgent red. Very deep and extremely creamy. A nice bright red to warm up those cold winter nights.

Essie Where’s My Chauffer is a crisp turquoise. It’s an unexpected color in the collection, it’s the wild card that will transition your nails into spring.

Essie Leading Lady is a glittery red. It reminds me of Dorothy’s red slippers. It’s also similar to OPI The Spy Who Loved Me, but with more glitter and a deeper shade of red.

Essie Beyond Cozy is a decadent silvery gold glitter. This kind of polish has been popping up everywhere. It looks a lot like MAC Rich Rich Rich and a little like OPI Goldeneye. It took three coats to get it to this level of sparkle.

Essie Butler Please is a blue-blooded cobalt. This is one of my favorite shades from the collection. It’s a super vibrant royal blue. It’s just so pretty!

Butler Please looks great paired with Beyond Cozy. A little bling on my ring finger – don’t mind if I do!

Essie Snap Happy is a bright orange-red. It’s nice to see that the Tangerine Tango trend has been warmed up a bit to fit in with a winter collection. This will also be a nice color to transition with once the weather starts to warm up. $8 ea

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