The list continues with some natural ingredients and some synthetic ingredients.


Fish Oil helps your skin regulate oil production. This increases hydration and helps prevent acne. It also helps protect against sun damage and may help repair previous damage.


Glycolic Acid comes from sugar cane and is an exfoliant that helps treat acne and is found in anti-aging treatments. It exfoliates skin and speeds up cell turn over.


Humectants are a type of cream or balm that helps skin retain its moisture. It actually pulls moisture from the air into your skin.


Idebenone is a synthetic antioxidant that fights wrinkles. It’s an anti-inflammatory and reduces UV cell damage and hyper pigmentation.


Jojoba oil is a popular ingredient found in most natural skincare and haircare products. It is an excellent moisturizer that helps skin maintain it’s moisture levels and is not greasy. It’s also has antifungal properties.


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