These are the last six ingredients on the list. Some of these may seem like a stretch but many beauty brands include these in their products. Brands like Murad and Eucerin have some of these ingredients listed on their bottles.


Urea is an organic compound that helps heal dry skin by removing the a top layer of dead skin cells.


Vitamins are vital nutrients that help maintain healthy bodily functions. Many vitamins such as A,C,E, and D promote healthy skin.


Water is essential and helps keep the body hydrated. It’s also used to help formulate products and helps the skin absorb ingredients.


Xanthan is a sugar based polymer used in skincare to bind and stabilize ingredients.


Wild Yams contain vitamins and nutrients that are beneficial to skin. Yam extract helps improve skin’s elasticity.


Zinc Oxide is a mineral found in sunscreens that protects skin from UVA and UVB rays.


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