Welcome to the 5th peel of The Skin Regime: Boot Camp for Beautiful Skin! It’s been a few weeks since my 4th peel, but I was brave and decided to use the 50% glycolic acid.

I washed my face and made sure to remove any dirt and makeup from my skin. I then moistened a cotton round with rubbing alcohol and swiped it all over my face. Once my face was dry, I used the medicated spray to numb my skin. I think I finally figured out the most effective way to use it. I sprayed a large amount on my hand first; and then wiped it all over my face. Next I applied the 50% glycolic acid to a cotton round and swiped it all over my face and neck area.

I set the timer for six minutes. While the clock was still ticking, I dipped a cotton swab into the 70% glycolic acid solution and applied it to the top of my cheeks (where I have the most sun spots) and over the freckles on my nose. Once time was up; I rinsed and washed my face, then applied CeraVe Facial Moisturizing Lotion PM.

Again, I was surprised it did not burn nor sting. So either I grew tough skin (but it feels softer) or the medicated spray really does help.  I didn’t experience much redness or dryness, so I’m curious to see what my face will look like in the morning. I’ll update this post if I notice extra peeling or irritation tomorrow. In the past I’ve noticed that my skin only really starts to shed on the second or third day after the peel, so I have a feeling this might also be the case this time.

For more information on The Skin Regime: Boot Camp to Beautiful Skin and on products I used please visit TheSkinRegime.com – there you can order the book and get product recommendations.

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  • Only a smiling visitor here to share the love (:, btw great style .

  • I will be attempting this boot camp so I am looking at some reviews. Thanks for the post.

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