It’s week three of The Skin Regime: Boot Camp for Beautiful Skin Challenge and I already see results. My skin is much smoother and  even-toned. For my third peel I decided to do another 50% glycolic acid. I prepped my skin as I normally do and this time I made sure to apply to medicated spray properly. I sprayed it directly onto my skin and waited about a minute until it dried completely. I was able to feel the numbing sensation from the spray, especially above my lip.

During the six minutes, the skin under my eyes and on my cheekbones showed the most irritation. My skin was red afterwards and slightly itchy. The next day I woke up with a small scab on my right cheekbone. At least I know it’s working! Bye-bye sunspots!

Next week I’m taking a break because I have an event to attend and I don’t want to go with red flakey skin! I’ve  upped my moisturization to three times a day and I have been using a BB cream  instead of regular foundation.

My skin really started to peel on the third day. To remove the flakes, I made sure to wash my face with my washcloth using a gentle circular motion. I noticed I shed a lot more skin this time around. I’m excited to see more results!

For more information on The Skin Regime: Boot Camp to Beautiful Skin and on products I used please visit – there you can order the book and get product recommendations.

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